Emergency VDay Gift Guide

by Olivia Cox February 13

It’s VDay-eve. Which for most of us probably means one thing: time to panic buy. When I was younger, the main object of my VDay affections was my father. He was easily pleased, and loved nothing more than the effort put into creeping down the squeaky 5th stair in the family home to place a handmade (but unsigned. Clearly) card on the mat. Then would begin the ritual interrogation of each other ’til someone cracked and admitted they had (obviously) sent the other’s valentines.

These days it is slightly trickier. Dad gets a text, mum and a message packed with emojis certain to crash her almost-vintage iPhone 5s, various whatsapp groups get a funny (probably wildly inappropriate) meme or two. But the boy? God knows.

So I’ve scoured the web for the best VDay gifts for your loved ones. Print, screen grab, do what you need to do. Just get to the shops asap. Because these days, a lonely red card on the mat means just one thing: your Royal Mail delivery is at your local sorting office. Sigh.

P.s. these can just as easily be gifts for you. Self love is the best love 🙂

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