My Facial With Clare Peters at JOSHI

by Olivia Cox February 24

I am super picky about my skin. My regime is fastidious and bed-min completely unmissable. This near-militant skincare discipline was instilled in me when I was writing beauty features for Marie Claire – I had access to the best brains in beauty and regularly tested the latest skincare innovations. I quickly learnt what was and wasn’t I used my first serum and was hooked – I loved how dewy my skin looked even late in the day, when before it might have started to feel tight and dry. When I launched this blog, I wanted to maintain my love for beauty and introduce you all to the new treatments, products, and research that really matters. So today I want to tell you about the Venus Viva Facial.

I booked into the JOSHI clinic in Marylebone to see Clare Peters to try out the facial a couple of weeks ago. In a nutshell, the facial creates uses a fractional laser to create teeny tiny tears in your skin, which prompts collagen production as skin races to repair itself.

It targets a whole smorgaasboard of skin complaints – texture, fine lines, laxity, acne scars, dullness, etc etc. It uses NanoFracional Radio Frequency, but unlike other fractional technologies already on the market, Viva also uses SmartScan technology. Which means Clare can control both pulse duration and energy output. Which in turn means there is a better consistency delivered to your skin, and any results (plus any temporary redness) will be evenly spread across your skin. Clever, no? Also, the pins used by Viva are far smaller, so there’s no actual markings to your skin. In the past, this sort of treatment would cause scabbing and therefore there is minimal downtime.

The treatment takes around 30 minutes, and 3-4 sessions are recommended, each 2 weeks apart. Immediately after the treatment my face felt warm and there was some redness, which gradually faded over the next couple of hours. So it’s the sort of treatment that would be ideal the night before a big event. The main difference I have noticed is in the texture of my skin, which is smoother than it’s ever been. I’ve also noticed that I need less foundation, and am more inclined to use a tinted moisturiser or bb cream. I have only had one session – so far!

To contact Clare, visit her website.


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