Bottomless Brunch At Counter

by Olivia Cox May 30

Bottomless brunch is always fun. What’s even more fun is doing it in a restored train arch, with gluten-free and vegan food options, surrounded by friends and a dog. The dog part being increasingly important since I am looking after Coco atm.

I’m talking about Counter in Vauxhall. Which is new to me but apparently not new to most – as we got there, my friend Pandora was greeted like an old friend. Turns out she goes there a lot with work clients. Not for bottomless brunches though, I should add.

We got started on the bottomless part of brunch first – a bottle of prosseco was delivered to our table, and there it stayed. Which is a refreshing change from other brunches I’ve been to where they whisk the bottle away between top-ups. This way, it’s significantly easier to over-indulge within your allotted 90 minute brunch. Ps if you don’t do alcohol, you can have bottomless ‘virgin mimosas’ instead. I’ve not road-tested this option, but I assumed that’s a posh way of saying orange juice? Let me know..

The brunch menu is split into starters and mains. The starters are the lighter, generally sweeter options. Things like granola, yogurty dishes, and Banana Split (a combo of just about everything good about breakfast. Including maple syrup). Then the mains are the savoury bits – I had Orient Express, which is kind of like the veggie breakfast at Bill’s. Humus, pine nuts, eggs, spinach… It’s supposed to be on brioche but I am gluten-free so they happily substituted GF toast for me. Pan had eggs and avocado with a side of bacon. Because why not.

We decided to live dangerously and swap the order of our courses, so that we ended on the sweeter small plates, making it more like a main-then-desert situation. Saved us filling up on granola pre-eggs.

Bottomless Brunch at Counter is £28pp. Book here.

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