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by Olivia Cox October 19
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Brows are a big deal. Literally — the bigger the better, RN. So to tweens growing up now: count your blessings. Because brow-atage (brow sabotage) is as irreversible as chronic nail chewing is to talon growth potential. I know this because I plucked my eyebrows to within an inch of their existence circa 2000. Less that existence, technically, since I misguidedly took mum’s nail clippers to the left one in frustration at the slow plucking place one morning. The sort of mistake you make only once..

So now we’re in 2017. Six years after Cara Delevigne’s debut Burberry campaign catapulted her brows (and the rest of her, tbf) to global fame, and brows trends are as big and bushy as they’ve ever been.

Of course, this being London, some of our more avant guarde designers break with brow tradition — seeMary Katrantzou’s bleached brows at LFW AW17, and the most recent ‘split brow’ trend to come off the SS18 runways (why couldn’t this have been a thing during nail clipper-gate?!). But for the most part, we are all hell bent on bushing our brows.

Which is bad news if you’re somewhat brow-less. But there’s ways around this, so do hang in there. For starters, here’s how to create a strong-brow look.

So. Here’s what your next steps are for reaching brow goals.

Brow Pencil

They’ve come a long way, and the garish colours I first became acquainted with at the bottom of boxes in the Marie Claire beauty cupboard have been replaced with an abundance of grey/green undertones which are secretly (and quite weirdly) the most flattering on many complexions, including mine. The key is to apply short, light strokes and build. If it’s your first time, try Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil or Burberry’s Effortless Brows – The chunky, slanted tip makes mistakes practically impossible . More seasoned pros might like more of a precision pencil, likeBy Terry’s Crayon Sourcils Terrybly or MAC Veluxe Brow Liner. And if you’re in a hot country / gyming after work / getting on the Central Line, Sport FX’s Waterproof Brow Pencil will prevent your brows sliding *ahem* down your face.

Of course, there’s also all sorts of different formulas, but that’s another story for another day – know only this: Smashbox’s brow powder is the ONE.


Semi Permanent make-up

I ummed and ahed about this for a long ass time, before finally taking the plunge. Laura Kay is nestled in the lower level of Paul Edmonds’ Knightsbridge salon, which was luxurious enough to calm my fraught nerves (I’m a fainter). The two appointments went without a hitch, and once I’d got used to the sensation it was really not so bad. Laura’s borderline OCD in the pursuit of brow perfection is pretty ideal, since these bad boys will last up to ten years.

Tint at Browhaus

Many companies offer browtints – I’m a regular at Benefit, and have dabbled with places like Blink and Shavata. Unlike Benefit’s experience-heavy brow haven, many of the newer brow tint brands now happen in the middle of department stores – or maybe my prudishness has just betrayed my age a la Miss Mardle in ITV’s Mr Selfridge. Oh, hell. Anyway — another favourite of mine is Browhaus. Their 31 locations offer a total brow sanctuary — you lie down for the duration, and the shape you get is entirely bespoke. Great for if you need a little more structure in your (brow) life, but aren’t quite ready to commit to semi-permanent make-up.

Olivia x

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