That Time We Scared Ourselves With Outcast

by Olivia Cox June 7


Despite appearances (I dread the moment when the footage from last night gets released), I really do like horror films. And in general, I like to think that I deal with them really rather well. I mean, yes I scream like a girl (I am a girl) and hide behind pillows / sofas / random people in the *really* scary bits, but at least I will usually stick it out till the end. Usually.

Recently, there’s been an insurance of horror series-es. Obviously there’s the likes of American Horror Story, but also the slightly slower paced, more sinister ones like Bates Motel and Scream. And – turns out – there’s another one, starting tonight: Outcast.

I know this because I spent approx. 17 minutes of yesterday in the Outcast Scare B’n’B.


The Scare B’n’B is a small, rickety hut in East London that’s been plonked in a car park to celebrate the launch of Outcast. Ready for gluttons for punishment like me and Ashley James to try-out. Apparently some people are even staying there over-night – I genuinely don’t think my nerves could take it.

We arrived at the B’n’B around 7pm and were ushered inside by a creepy landlord clutching a Bible. He gave me the Bible (I’m still not sure why) and told us to lie down. Unfortunately, I’d made the mistake of slightly big-dealing it before I went in, so the stakes were already pretty high. I did as I was told, made a few inappropriate jokes, and generally tried to pretend I wasn’t scared. Naturally, this was an absolute lie. I was terrified. Obviously.


The landlord left us lying on a bed in the centre of the room (note: Ashley was furthest from the door, thus leaving me in a more escape-able position. I mean, it turned out to have been locked from the outside but I didn’t know that at the time…). An old-school tv crackled into life and played us a scene from the show, and then things started to go south. Books fell of the shelves at random intervals, lights flickered weirdly and – possibly the worst part – someone (or thing) started prodding us from underneath the bed.

And that was sort of the way our little slice of hell went. I’ve not gripped anyone’s hand so tight since my parents took me on Thunder Mountain at DisneyLand circa 1997. And Ashley’s other hand was firmly clutching the large stuffed bear between us. Not quite sure how she thought teddy would save us. I also had a growing suspicion that teddy might somehow attack us. I didn’t share this ’til we’d returned to normality outside).


Finally, the back door creeped open and a child covered in (fake. obv. before you get upset) blood came in. He told us to follow him. Naturally I refused. Eventually Ashley pointed out I kind of had to play ball so we obliged. Happily, we were lead (via various jumping-out things) out of the cabin.

I’m not sure how to describe the feeling of relief that it was all over. But simultaneously, I kind of wanted to go back in. I weirdly love that feeling of terror you get from a really good show (or experience, in last night’s case) that knows how to build the tension.

Which is why I’ll be watching the series, starting tonight (7th June) – 10pm on Fox.


Outfit details

Body | Rare London

Skirt | Fabletics

Bag | Davina Mulford

Watch the show’s trailer here and let me know if you think my terror is justified!

Olivia x

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