Sun, Golf & Ronan Keating At The Global Gift Gala

by Olivia Cox October 17


Well, Marbeeeeeellllaaaaaa (I’m singing that to “Mariiiiaaaa” in my head RN) was low-key amazing. I got back last night after a quickie two-nighter in Melia Banus, and I basically want to go back immediately.

I was out there for the Global Gift Gala, hosted  by Ronan Keating (he also performed. It was great).


We landed around 4.30pm and had just ambled out of the airport when an ACTUAL Porsche pulled up alongside us. Legit. The first time I’ve ever been in a Porsche – I felt like I should whisper or something, and waited a solid three minutes before I whipped off my shoes and tucked my feet underneath me. Which, in Olivia-land, is a sign of great respect.

We checked-in, inflated Rodney the swan (priorities) and grabbed a quick frozen margarita by the pool. I felt so adult.


Quick change then we jumped back in the Porsche to La Scala (David Bentley’s place), where we met Ronan plus fam – Storm, Jack, Missy and Ali. The beaut Laura Hamilton was also there with her husband Alex – they were staying in the sister hotel to ours with their properly adorable little kids. Teeny, blonde, and already crazy charismatic. I’m obsessed.

Olivia Cox, Barrus, Marbella

FYI, my dress is by Barrus

Saturday was golf day, but we decided our time would be better spent chilling in the sun. Which we did marvellously, then tootled off for lunch at LouLouJane, which is a super cute English café & tea rooms. Just incase we were homesick already.


That evening was the Global Gift Gala, aka the main event. Ashley and I headed over to the Melia Don Pepe hotel for hair and make-up, then joined Nick & Andy downstairs for Spain-style canapes (bread, cheese & proper ham. Dreamy). From then, I doubt I ever really stopped eating ’til we finally left circa 3.30am once Alesha Dixon and Ronan’s guitarist’s impromptu session in the foyer. Solid effort.


15 October 2016. Global Gift Gala dinner hosted by Ronan Keating and Maria Bravo, held at Gran Malia Don Pepe, Marbella, Spain Here: Olivia Cox Credit: Justin Goff/Global Gift Foundation/ Ref: KGC-03


FYI, my dress is by Barrus

On Sunday, we were deliberately a little bit late to the airport, to minimise waiting time, but our efforts were thwarted by the plane also being late arriving. We had a late-off and the airline won. Damn. Plenty of time to explore Malaga Intl though. I wish I could show you the process of deflating Rodney – must’ve looked like Ash & I were playing a kind of effed-up version of Twister.  If planking was still a thing, Ashley would have been winning.


Our shiny white Porsche tootled off into the distance. So many feels for that car – I even forgave the driver who’d dropped us in completely the wrong place.

Olivia x

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