Sweat By BXR

by Olivia Cox March 23

I think I told you about BXR back in January when the new beast (said with love, but it is legit huge – two floors and a maze of sprawling rooms) opened courtesy of some very pretty faces inc Anthony Joshua.

And these two nerds.


It’s a boxing gym – clue is in the name – but way swankier than that makes it sound, and you actually don’t have to be at all into boxing to go there. Because whilst the top floor (the bit you have to be a member to use) is largely taken up by a full-size boxing ring, the downstairs is split into three training studios, each of which does something totally different. And you’ll only need boxing gloves in one of them.

Downstairs, you don’t have to be a member. The concept of Sweat By BXR (downstairs. Keep up) is pay-to-train classes that you can buy singly or as batches . Similar to things like Barry’s Bootcamp or Psycle (apparently you don’t pronounce the p. Who knew) but better. Obviously. There’s three different class types, each based on one of the main pillars of professional athletic training: SKILLS (high intensity boxing training – each day of the week focuses on a different technique), STRENGTH & CONDITIONING (more resistance-focused), and CARDIO. Which is the really exciting part.

The cardio classes are on a machine called Versa Climber. They’re non-impact, high-intensity, and burn more calories per minute than any other cardio machine. Apparently Sweat By BXR is the first ever time the machines have been used in a class in the whole of Europe. The whole USP of the class is a full-body workout without bulking isolated muscle groups, which is a common complaint of many other cardio classes. And they make you seriously sweaty.

And not that it really matters (it does), but their changing rooms are the nicest I’ve ever seen…

More info is on their website.

Olivia x

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