Trends On Trial: Swimwear 2017

by Olivia Cox May 11

Every year, we get all excitable around late Spring (i.e. now) because the sun starts shining and we all starting stripping-off our wintery layers. We were treated to a hint of summer climes circa three weeks ago, with a glorious three-day-er of blissfully blue skies. Of course, that was swiftly followed by a rebuttal in the form of rain, minus temperatures and gale-force-something winds. Thanks, England.

Luckily, we can (for now at least) escape to the Continent for speedy sun breaks. Which is exactly what I’ve done. I’m actually writing this post from a sun lounger at Casa Ananda, where I’m Yoga Retreat-ing with Mimi and Emma. And given the quite spectacular number of bikinis we managed to cram in our hand-luggage-only bags (21 between three of us at last count), I wanted to share with you a rundown of the hottest swimwear trends right now..

The Cut-out

Rare – Rare is known for its party dresses, so it’s no surprise that they have a great offering of cut-out swimsuits and super slinky bikinis.

The High-neck

Jack Wills – Probably one of the most practical bikinis I’ve ever worn, which is typical of Jack Wills. And I’m completely in love with the cut – super flattering.

The Scuba

Boohoo – I love the neon zip on this and the statement netting. I have a real issue with keeping white clean so this photo had to be taken in the water to get rid of all the grubbiness I’d already got on it!

The Nautical

UK Swimwear – I’m new to UK Swimwear and was amazed by the HUGE array of styles and brands they had. You can choose based on size, style, trend, brand….. basically any way you fancy. This particular bikini can be worn with straps or as a bandeau like how I’m wearing it.

The Prints

Kinky Octopus – Known for their Brazilian shapes and bright prints, all of Kinky Octopus’ designs are totally original. The cuts are not for the faint-hearted. Or anyone remotely shy..

Olivia x

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