Silverstone Classic

by Olivia Cox July 29

This weekend was Silverstone Classic, which is basically when all the classic car owners come together to compete in various races, and generally show off their uber-classic-ness.

I was there very much as a spectator so didn’t get too involved in the cars. 

Olivia Cox
I wore: H&M top, Topshop shorts, Office sandals. Jude (R) wore: Primark dress
We were on the pit wall and in the garages for a couple of races. Now. I’m not too interested in cars (the lack of driving licence may well give that one away), but the boys like it, so we tagged along. The pit-stops are always the most fun parts of a race. I find the rest of the time kind of looks the same…. (I’m allowed to say that, right?!)

The rest of the weekend was spent basking in the sun with traditional British treats. 

Which means strawberries and cream

And, err.. More cream

And Pimm’s. Yum. 

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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