REVIEW: The Erno Laszlo Institute

by Olivia Cox November 27
So, I mentioned that I’d been to visit the brand new Erno Laszlo Institute on Day Two of my NYC extravaganza.

The Institute is a whole new concept – a series of treatment rooms and an uber-luxe meeting area in a frankly massive space, that’s only available to members.

The reception area, however  is open to all. There’s a shopping section, nestled within an impressive exhibition that’ll be updated every couple of months. For my visit, it was Marylin – I saw her eye mask (she had trouble sleeping so used to travel with one, and always insisted on the heaviest curtains in her room) and false eyelashes (by Martha Lorraine, from Saks, fyi). 

Upstairs (via the bespoke red leather-covered staircase) is the library, which is lined with clippings and images of Erno’s subjects (did you know he rose to fame when he treated his wife’s sister, who’d been shot in the jaw by a scorned suitor? No, me neither). There’s tea and coffee facilities, too – the idea is, you can bring a guest for a meeting. Now, that would be a seriously chic place to meet.

As with downstairs, there’s historic artifacts, too. Check out this seriously old-school lipstick. It felt and smelt like oil paint.

Downstairs, there’s a mini replica lab, with vials of the treatments they use, so you get an idea of the science behind it all..
The treatment rooms are also super duper luxe. Each has it’s own artwork, and is designed to be totally relaxing – when you walk in, you see nothing but your bed and a chair (all the usual facial gubbins is cunningly hidden behind a frosted glass wall). Once I was settled, I was asked for my choice of music and scent (we settled for Chopin and lavender, respectively), and my therapist got to work.

It was very much a results-driven treatment. For an hour and a half, I had “extraction” (read: my spots and blackheads were squeezed – strangely satisfying), high frequency treatment (I believe this was to work on my skin’s texture) and massage. Racer Boy had the same in the adjacent room, and I have to say he was literally glowing at the end – and I’m not exaggerating. I’ve never seen his skin so good. I won’t comment on mine, since we are all our own worst critic, but I was absolutely stunned by the results. 

Any over-glow is not a problem though – they’ve thought this one through, and just beyond the spiral staircase (you’re below ground for the treatments), there is a vast make-up room, fully equipped with spot-lighting, a cosmetic selection including Lancome and Tome Ford, and an on-hand make-up artist to assist. Luckily, Racer Boy declined.. 

Everything in The Institute is linked – Marylin was one of Erno’s patients (cream .8 was developed for use on her appendicitis scars), and almost all of the artwork featured (and there’s a lot) is by Hungarian artists. 

It’s a fabulous space, and worth checking out even if you don’t intend on a treatment. Although I strongly suggest you go for one..

Check out their website here. 

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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