REVIEW: Peurto Pollenca

by Olivia Cox November 14

Olivia Cox, Joe Twyman

Not sure why, but today has got me thinking about the summer. Maybe it’s the actual genuine sunshine that’s creeping in through the windows, I don’t know. 

Olivia Cox

Anyway. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about Peurto Pollenca in Majorca, which is where Racer Boy and I go when we’re in need of a sneaky weekend away. 

Olivia Cox

The little marina town is about an hour’s drive from Palma airport, which means it’s uber convenient without being too remote. 

Olivia Cox

We were last there during the summer, for a quick getaway from London. 

My favourite place to go is Hotel Daina. The massive pool and fountain are so relaxing (I’m not a massive beach fan – kind of can’t stand the whole getting sandy thing), and there’s a perfectly placed bar that serves yummy cocktails, plus sushi once the sun’s gone down. 

If I shut my eyes reeeaally tight and stand in the slight warmth coming in from the sun, I can kind of almost imagine being back there. Almost. 

Check it out by clicking here. 

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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