Facial At The House Of Elemis

by Olivia Cox June 7

Last week, my ordinarily-hectic schedule turned into a whirlwind of champagne parties, late nights and 3-a-day make-up changes. Which wasn’t great for my training or newfound macro-counting, and was disastrous for my skin. So this week I visited the House of Elemis for a facial-slash-massage.

The House of Elemis is super central and convenient to get to, but happily nestled away from busy Mayfair down Lancashire Court, which is where places like Hush and VS are. It’s changed a bit since the last time I visited, but still has the same aura of calm and intimacy when you step through the door. I was sat down, offered tea or water (I took water. This was when the weather was still crazy hot – y’know, before London decided to turn all Autumnal just in time for Summer), and asked to fill in a consultation form. On an iPad. So, so pleasing to my inner-Geek.

My therapist, Tia, came to collect me and we tootled up the Elemis spiral staircase to a treatment room. I’d opted for a massage plus facial combo, mainly because I am horrible at making decisions, and couldn’t decide whether my achey muscles or my dry skin needed speedier attention.

We started with massage. I’d told Tia I train a lot (five days a week at the moment) so we used a muscle soothing oil and agreed that deep pressure was good pressure. I was lying face down, as you do during a back-and-neck massage, and suddenly noticed how ludicrously comfy the situation was. This may sound a wierd point to dwell on, but the face hole bit in the Elemis massage beds are hands down the comfiest are I have ever experienced. So joyful.

Anyway. I flipped over around half way through and the facial bit began. (Note: the squishy face hole had now turned into a ludicrously comfy pillow sitch. Mind. Blown). I’d been asked to choose between the Marine Collagen facial and the Superfood Radiance facial before we began, and on the basis of general abuse of my skin over the past 72 hours I’d gone for the hydrating collagen option. The facial began with a deep cleanse, then a series of massage, mask and serums with the occasional head massage, too. Overwhelmingly wonderful.

At the end of the treatment I was asked how I felt. Instinctively, I touched my face as I reported feeling relaxed and refreshed. I interupted myself with a sort of ‘oohh’ sound – my skin felt crazy plumped and basically brimming with hydration. A subsequent glance in the mirror confirmed that yes, I was dewy and radiant. Which is exactly what I’d hoped for with my trip to the House of Elemis.

To book, visit their website.

Olivia x


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