EE Launch party

by Olivia Cox November 2

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, team mobile has gone and upped the stakes: welcome to the next generation of mobile phones. It’s called 4g.

Last night, I was invited to a “star-studded” event at Battersea Power station. A clever play on words, it transpired.

We arrived a teeny tiny bit late (I have several excuses for this one, but probably won’t bore you with recounting them right now), and were making our way up the (slippery – turns out heels and condemned build sites don’t go) pathway to an overcrowded marquee as the power station behind us was very suddenly lit up by a gazillion lights, before being hit by a boulder, scrumpled like it was paper, and  lit again. All CGI, of course. Fear not – Battersea Power Station lives on.

So, that happened (accompanied by the soothing tones of Irish hottie James Nesbit – “omg wtf fml”), then we all trotted back across the pathway (remember? Cold and slippery – cue much squealing and friendly grabbing), from marquee into the old power station itself. And it was lit up inside, too.

Once inside, it was hard to believe we were in a totally delapidated building. Imagine the most incredible 21st / wedding / military ball you’ve been to, and times it by ten. This place was mega.

They fed us, too. And not fiddly, silly canapes that leave you hungrier than when you started – we wolfed down mini bowls of Shepards and Fish Pies, washed down with Moscoe Mules and Pear Martinis.
Olivia Cox, Jonathan Ross

We partied with all the usual supects (MIC plus the odd TOWIE), as well as others like Pixie Lott and Jonathan Ross. Nicole Scherzinger made an appearance later in the night to perform, after being bundled through the marquee by her security. I guess an old power station doesn’t come equipped with back doors.

My phone already says EE pretty often – can’t wait to see what 4g does!

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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