Ecurie Ecosse ELMS at Silverstone

by Olivia Cox April 15

This weekend, I braved (or rather endured – I’m not sure there was anything too brave about my persistent fur-clad shivering, if I’m honest..) the miserable weather to watch the first round of the European Le Mans Series. 

And also (mainly) to perv on the brand spanking new Ecurie Ecosse car & livery for the season. 

The Ecosse boys are taking it in turns to do each round, and for this one it was Alasdair McCaig, Andrew Smith and Ollie Milroy at the wheel. The race was excruciatingly wet (did I mention how rubbish the weather was?!) so ended on a bit of a bum note with the safety car for the final stint.

The team  did super duper well, though, and won their class. 

My one (Joe Twyman) wasn’t racing, which I think made him sad, but made me very happy as I got him as a playmate all afternoon! 

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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