5 Ways To Make Solo Travel Less Solo

by Olivia Cox September 3

Because friends are cool but have you ever woken up in an 8ft super-king with no-one snoring next to you?

Travelling solo is a huge trend this year, but not really one I ever saw myself getting on-board with. Because solo. As a twin, I have had a buddy by my side since literally day dot. Which makes me at best slightly needy and at worst completely incapable of being on my own. Trouble is, now that I’ve passed the 30 benchmark (note: not nearly as terrible as everyone makes it out to be), the number of single friends left in my friendship group is starting to rapidly dwindle. And much though I love my couple friends, a third wheel is a lonely wheel. So I’ve been doing some solo trips recently.

There are obvious pros to this: you do what you want when you want, with no-one sharing your room. I should probably mention that I am also outrageously untidy and tend to shove heaps of clothes into random drawers, or just usurp unpacking entirely, which makes sharing a space slightly stressful. Naturally though, this is peppered with the downside: l o n l i n e s s.

Here’s how to get over the solo bit in solo travel.

Book a slot on a group trip that’s purely solo travellers. Sail trips are great for this – Yacht Week, Med Sailors, Kiki Sails… Some boats will be made up of groups and couples, but there’s usually at least one boat in the fleet that’s a bunch of solos.

Opt for activity breaks. It’s a great way to get to know new people and make new memories. Last year I went to Lake Como for a watersport break with Bellagio and it was honestly one of the best experiences. Learning something new is a great bonding experience – especially if you’re better than others in the group ;).

Get a spray sunscrean that works 360. A minor point but seriously – think of the practical implications with no-one to rub spf into your back.

Go somewhere slightly rogue. The chances of having identical holiday aspirations to a friend are slim. The joy of solo travel is that you don’t need to compromise, so take advantage and visit somewhere you’ve never been before.

Opt for hotels that have communal areas. Co-housing, co-working…. a lot more effort is being spent these days making public spaces more than just somewhere to walk through. Think arcade games and table football at breakfast (Mama Shelter), or table tennis at check-in (The Student Hotel)

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