Replay Party With Alessandra Ambrosio

by Olivia Cox May 18


Last night was the Replay Hyperflex party, at the Old Selfridges Hotel in London. Which basically meant that Oxford Circus was temporarily over-run by ludicrously beautiful people (not least VS angel Alessandra Ambrosio) wearing distressed denim, print bombers and boho dresses. Not necessarily all together.

Now. You may have gleaned from other similar posts that I do go to a lot of these events. Call it the perks / foible of being a presenter / blogger / influencer etc. But last night was up there with the coolest I’ve been to.


The space was vast, with a kind of warehouse-y feel to it. There were at least two bars (like I said – vast), and circa five food places serving grab plates of things like sushi, burritos and tacos. To the right as you walked in was a neon-lit stage with a band, and as you snaked through past the various eateries you got to another stage-y bit, which had people doing cool things on it. Like footballers doing keepy-uppies. I think. At least, that’s what it looked like – I’m not really tall enough to confirm with much conviction..

It was great for people watching – Daisy Lowe did a DJ set, and Alessandra Ambrosio did what Alessandra Ambrosio does. Mainly looking super hot.

We drank a never-ending compilation of mosco mules, mohijtos and champagne. Winning night.

Outfit details


Jacket, top & jeans | Replay

Shoes | Camilla Elphick


Olivia x

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