Want Abs Like Amy Childs?

by Olivia Cox October 15


A couple of nights ago, Amy Childs launched Blueberry Sports Slender Shakes. Which are protein shakes, but not as you know them. Because whilst Blueberry ticks all the usual boxes (“full of protein, fills you up, tastes like a milkshake” – Amy), Amy & co have cunningly cut out all the faff that usually gets in the way of a protein fix, by pre-packaging each portion in an empty disposable water bottle. Which – if you’re anything like me and my penchant for protein powder mishaps – is a total game changer.

Now. Portable protein isn’t necessarily something new – you may be familiar with the pre-mixed ones you can grab at the likes of Tesco et al. But the joy of Blueberry is that it hasn’t been pre-mixed. Which means that a) you can mix your protein with whatever your heart desires – I like almond milk with the vanilla flavour. Just saying…. And b) it’s not heavy to carry around with you. Plus the whole disposable bottle thang means you’re not left with a slightly yucky used bottle loitering post-protein. It’s urbanite-ready.


Amy was at the launch looking super trim, so naturally I grilled her on how she does it. Turns out, she trains three times a week – in full make-up, I’ll add. No, really. I asked – with her PT and business partner Kelly, who doubles as her personal motivation (“she really tells me off”). Her go-to training is spinning or an intense hour of body attack, and despite looking in insane shape she humbly claims to need to work more on her core (she doesn’t. I sat next to her. She literally, really doesn’t…)

Basically, fitness is kind of Amy’s thing right now – there’s even talk of a clothing line with Kelly in the future. Watch this space…

Olivia x

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Agnés-Orianne May 28 at 5:40 pm

I like Amy too, the post is great, thank you Olivia 🙂


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