REVIEW: The Foundry, Camden

by Olivia Cox October 31

Last night, I made my maiden Camden Town debut.

I alighted my train, dodged several teenagers lying on the street (nope, no idea either) and generally strode purposefully, studiously avoiding eye contact. Call me a snob, but Camden is pretty intimidating.

My opinion was momentarily swayed when a homeless man interrupted his hopeful refrain of “spare a little change?” to complement my “amazing shoes” (they were, as it happens – remember those funky ASOS ones I told you about? Yeh, them). But I quickly returned to high alert as I passed a couple mid-shout outside Earth Foods. At ten to seven. On a Tuesday.

I found Racer Boy, silently cursed his unworldly naivety in leaving his shiny new BMW unguarded on a Camden backstreet (I felt sure he would be keyed), and headed to out restaurant au choixe, The Foundry.

Inside was a whole world away from outside. Spacious, with arty pool table-style lighting and modern red doors. The actual dining area merged seamlessly into a coffeehouse-cum-bar bit, complete with squishy chairs, cushions and a massive oak table. You know, the sort that just begs to be strewn with half-finished espresso mugs and books belonging to intelligent, brainstorming types.

I had parma ham followed by swordfish steak, to which Racer Boy matched a chicken liver pate and burger. It’s restaurant quality food but pub portions (technically, I think I may have had two swordfish steaks), and pub prices.

It’s fun, too. I challenged racer boy to order his desert by it’s full and proper title (“naughty chocolate sunday”). Surprisingly enough, he obliged. Cue schoolboy giggle as the waitress retreated.

The Foundry has a real community feel – when we arrived, we were asked if we were there for the music practise. We politely declined the mistaken identity of course, but could hear the (actually awesome) music tinkling down from the practise space all the same.

To book, visit their website.

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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