REVIEW: Capulet SS13

by Olivia Cox November 15

Second on my hit list yesterday was Capulet, a little-known luxury leathers brand.  

I was introduced to the new collection by Joyce, who explained that the leather is the same used in Mulberry handbags, and that production is in the same factories that Chanel uses. So far, so sold. 

My favourite was hard to pick. In fact, I failed miserably, and settled on two instead.

This is my favourite clutch (it fits an iPad, so is super handy. See? I can be practical, Racer Boy). 

And this is my favourite shoulder-bag (super soft, fyi), which cunningly fits a Mac-book. They’ve thought of everything… 

Check out this seasons collection by clicking here, while you lust over the one to come. 

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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