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by Olivia Cox July 5

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A few weeks ago was the official First Day Of Summer. So when I started planning this post, I had vaguely assumed it might be symptomatic of this change by now. Perhaps that’s over-optimism on my part, but I had genuine throws of warm, balmy nights and clear sunny days. Last night, I landed from Iceland into a monumental thunderstorm, and today I can barely move in my little flat for the extreme mugginess. Which defies every belief I’ve ever held about a good rain clearing heavy air.

This is irritating for many reasons – not least for my skin, which is a bit of a fair-weather creature and does not enjoy extremes of any kind. I learnt this the hard way, by continuing with what I believed to be a winning regime all year round. Turns out, this is NOT the way to do it. You see, your skin is an organism, and as such it evolves and changes all the time.

Around a decade ago, skincare companies threw a spanner in the works by insisting that we identify and treat our skin according to a rigid set of categories. You were either dry, normal, oily, or some double-act of the two. Trouble is, your skin is ever-changing, reacting to both internal and external processes. Which means that you can category-hop day on day, or even hour on hour. Instead of the rigidity of this, I now find that the best kind of regime is sporadic and reactive. For example, if I wake up with tired, puffy-feeling eyes, I’ll use Herbalife’s refreshing Firming Eye Gel. However, if I’m after something a little more rich (probably at night), I’m more likely to reach for Herbalife Hydrating Eye Cream.

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However. The amount of choice out there can be alarming, and – I fear – this sort of advice could render people quite unable to leave the house in the mornings without a good hour of decision-making. So to simplify, here are the key things your skin needs in the summertime (be it muggy or sunny), and product suggestions to try…

Hydration – just like how you might feel more thirsty on hotter days, your skin needs an extra drink, too. It’s not enough in the summer to use a stand-alone day / night cream – you need to create that extra layer of moisture to lock in first. Try Herbalife Line Minimising Serum before your day/night cream – it contains chestnut seed extract, which is a potent antioxidant.

Strong barrier function – It’s all well and good adding this layer of moisture to your skin, but without a great barrier function, your skin will simply release the moisture again back out into the air. Twice daily, use a cream with a good barrier function to lock it all in. At night – when your skin does its regeneration process – Herbalife Replenishing Night Cream is my favourite.


Vitamins C & E – Antioxidant Vitamins C & E are key ingredients to look for in summer skincare. It helps to prevent facial skin damage, dehydration, and premature signs of ageing. The Herbalife Skin range is rich in Vitamins C & E.

SPF – It’s not just on sunny days that SPF is important – UVB rays can burn through clouds, and long-wavelength UVA sneakily penetrate windows. But SPF is even more important during summer months, to prevent free-radical damage and premature ageing as the sun’s intensity gets stronger. Herbalife SPF 30 Protective Moisturiser offers high sun protection, and absorbs easily so it’s great for daily use.

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Exfoliants – We’ve already established that skin needs a helping hand in summer. Regular exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells and surface pollution, making it much easier for vital ingredients to penetrate the surface layer of your skin. Herbalife Instant Reveal Berry Scrub is great once or twice a week, or for a daily polish try Herbalife Polishing Citrus Cleanser.

Toners – Similar to exfoliants, a toner is another way to prepare skin for moisture and ensure that the maximum hydration gets absorbed from subsequent products. I like Herbalife Energising Herbal Toner, as it contains hydrating aloe vera.


A break – Due to the increased heat and consequent increased production of sebum, pores are more likely to become clogged during summer months. Switch from heavy make-up formulas to something more lightweight, like a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream. Or – even better – avoid base altogether. Herbalife’s Daily Glow Moisturiser is a great alternative, as it adds luminosity and radiance without contributing to surface pollutants.

Cool showers – Long, hot showers strip skin of moisture and can remove skin’s own protective oils. During summer, cooler and shorter showers are ideal – so choose products that get to work fast. Herbalife Soothing Aloe Cleanser can be rinsed off instantly, and the added aloe vera will replace any lost moisture.

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And remember – breaking a sweat is nature’s way of eliminating toxins from your body and skin. So ensure you stick with your exercise routine during summer. And then reward yourself with some facial TLC!

Olivia x

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