Off to Scotland

by Olivia Cox November 30

So, it's Friday. It's been almost a week since I was in NYC (which, in jetlag years, means practically a lifetime) and I'm very much in need of a holiday. Again. Just for a little while.

Lucky, then, that Racer Boy and I are jetting off this weekend to... Scotland. Hm. Best wrap up warm then!!

The last time I was up north (yes I know that Scotland isn't technically considered 'up north', but it'll do for now) was for a friends wedding, in Dunkeld (don't ask me where that is). 

It was totally and utterly beautiful. Quite genuinely peaceful and almost enough to make me renounce my allegiance to all things city. Almost. Not quite.

There was this funny little man who waded out into the flat-as-a-pancake river at about 3am each morning (I know this because I asked. Don't worry - I wasn't quite ready to don my Hunters and wade in too) to catch salmon to smoke fresh for brunch. Nice touch.

Racer Boy and I went on a stroll along the lake. It was pretty chily, but in a skiing-in-Verbs kind of way - fresh and crisp but with a warm sun that was prefect for basking in. Which of course I did. As much as was socially acceptable. And perhaps a bit more, too actually.. 

Ok so I lied - it was very chilly. So much so that I was forced to take custody of Racer Boy's far-too-practical packing and steal myself a good winter jacket to put on. Sigh. Boys do have their uses, don't they?!

Love, Laugh, Liverty x 

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