Fitness Hack: How To Get More Protein In Your Life

by Olivia Cox January 30

It goes without saying that protein is important, particularly if you regularly train. Protein forms the building-blocks of muscles and helps speed-up recovery after workout, meaning you can train again sooner.

There’s a huge misconception around protein, however – the consensus between my female friends, for example, is that they avoid getting too much of it for fear of ‘bulking out’. It’s not true. You bulk out through high rep circuits of heavy weights, not through what you eat – otherwise it’d be easy to be a bodybuilder..

Interestingly, whilst we can store fat and glucose, the body is no good at storing proteins – so if we don’t have enough in our diets, we will start to break down our muscles as a secondary protein source. So it’s vital to continually drip feed the body with protein.

I aim to have protein five times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Trouble is, I’m often on-the-go for meals and snacks, so have to be a bit creative to find ways of getting my protein fixes.

Here’s some achievable ways of getting more protein into each meal..

Fit Kitchen is a range of ready-meals that’ve been designed by nutritionists and chefs to deliver the nutrients you need after a workout. They come in sealed tupperware, so you can grab one to take with you then heat it up when you get there.

I keep a couple of On Academy Opti-Lean Meal Replacement Bars in my bag for days when I can’t sit down for a proper meal at lunch or dinner.

In the mornings, I add a tablespoon of Bulletproof Collagen Powder to my porridge. You can’t taste it, and it really helps to perk me up as it’s good for energy release.

The best tasting shake I’ve found so far is Rich Protein Vanilla. I also really rate She Protein, because they come in handy skinny sachets, which are much easier to add to a standard water bottle, which means you don’t have to carry around a massive shake.

If you’re being super healthy, it’s best to use an unflavoured protein powder like MyProtein Whey. If you don’t like the taste (and frankly I wouldn’t blame you), try mixing a scoop with milk and frozen berries or peanut butter and banana in a NutriBullet.

The hardest thing about eating right is having access to healthy choices when you’re on the go. Keep a protein-rich snack bar in your bag. I love KIND bars because they’re so crunchy and really filling.


Olivia x

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