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by Olivia Cox May 7


Face Place has landed, people. And yes, it is most definitely something to get excited about.

I visited founders Tony & Paul (total gems, btw – if ever you get the chance to meet them, I’m sure you’ll agree) in the Rosewood Hotel, where they’ve just launched their signature facial in the swanky hotel’s basement spa. I say basement. That’s unfair – in reality, even the treatment room itself is probably bigger than my shoebox flat. But that’s beside the by.
My facial was at the hands of Rowan, the UK Face Place practitioner who’s just spent 10 days in LA being trained by the aforementioned American duo. Lucky thing. The Signature Treatment is the only one that Face Place offers, although I should mention that it’s basically bespoke to you, since Rowan reads your skin first. In a nutshell, it’s a combination of cleansing, extraction and galvanic currents which help penetrate the very potent ingredients like vitamin c and zinc deep into the skin.
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It’s hard to recall absolutely everything about the facial since I was so very, very relaxed (sorry), but one thing that really resonated is how obviously each stage has been thought-out. Everything has a purpose – and, in some cases, a double purpose.
So there’s things like the tissue to blot your lips after a collagen spray (apparently Tony’s clients pucker their lips up now at the merest hint of a tissue rustling since they know what’s coming next), and the Hannibal-esque mask thing (technical term, obv..) that’s used to trap the heat in your skin so as to open up your pores. And of course the hot towels that are used to remove stages of the process that’re soaked not in humble water but in potent ingredients that will be dunked straight to the skin’s base layers to work on the newest skin cells once the galvanic is in place.
Olivia Cox

I barely needed to wear make-up to the party later

As I entered the palatial (we’ve been through this, remember?) treatment room, Rowan explained to me that this is “not a massage facial”, which in beauty-land is code for a results-driven facial. Because while it’s nice to be proded and poked and have oodles of products applied to your skin, the results can rarely exceed what you’d achieve at home. Which, in my eyes, can be a bit of a waste of a good hour.
But that doesn’t mean the facial isn’t relaxing. It is. Not least because your legs are resting slightly above your head (apparently this is doubly good because the blood goes to your head – and, by default, face) to support your lower back. And while the mask’s on you can choose ‘upgrades’ like a hand massage or even shape and file. Which is basically super-human multi-tasking.
When the lights came back on and I checked myself out in the mirror, my skin looked incredibly clean, glowy (in a good way – there was absolutely no redness) and plumped. In fact it felt plumped, too. And the biggest surprise was touching my skin the following morning and feeling absolute smoothness. No texture or open pores. It’s amazing.
The treatment is £130 for 75mins. Book at the Rosewood Hotel.
A very fresh-faced Olivia x

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