A Beautiful World BOX!

by Olivia Cox October 16

I got a little gift for me this morning: the latest A Beautiful World box. 

I prized it from my friendly postie to find just an overwhelming number of products (both new and hero, which is nice – my S.W. Basics stash had been running dangerously low), all wrapped up in the usual pink box plus pink canvas tote (I love a good tote). 

The nice thing with an ABW box is that you get so much. usually when I write about a beauty box, I find myself running out of things to say about the sometimes naff and usually fairly irrelevant content. But this one is different – ABW have gone the other way, and now I may run out of characters to write with. So I’ll try to keep it brief. 

And I have no head on me for maths, but quite how the 12-piece set (yes, I counted) lands on your doorstep for a measly £20, I just don’t know. But it does. So there. 

Anyway. As with all ABW boxes, there is a seasonal theme. We are now (much though you may try to deny it) on the run-up to Christmas – and there’s something suitably sparkly inside. 

Butter London have come a long way since their launch in 2005. Now regulars in the franetic backstage of international fashion weeks, you’d be hard pushed to guess that they’re free of all the usual toxic nasties other nail brands rely on. 

One of the new additions to ABW’s already-impressive beauty arsenal (oh for a key to their samples cupboard!) is Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil. Exciting from glance one because the liquid – far from the usual golden hue of oil – is totally clear, which intrigues me.

On further inspection, Squalane is really a non-oil oil. If that makes sense.. It leaves no oily residue, and is actually a natural component of human sebum (aka skin’s protection and hydration agent. Squalane is essential for skin oxygenation and regeneration, yet levels rapidly decline post-20). A little goes a seriously long way, too. 

Another one to get excited about is the Konjac Puff Sponge. It’s only small, but has a rather insane number of uses, not least make-up removal, exfoliation (I’m going to be using it to get icky fake tan residue off my elbows and ankles. Yes, it happens. Regularly..), and daily cleansing. The unique thing about the sponge is that it has French Green Clay within the squidgy layers, which adds to the skincare benefits. Just don’t ask me how it stays in there.. 

To get your own box (and really, you should) visit a beautiful world here

Love, Laugh, Liverty x

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