We Came, We Saw, We Partied

by Olivia Cox April 18

It’s my birthday! Well. It was. And after basically a fortnight of celebrations, I now feel older, tired-er (is that even a word?) and slightly sad it’s all over. So I thought I’d tell you all about it. So I can re-live vicariously the joys of Aer, 8 Over 8, and Raffles.

So. Birthday party part I (yes, I am that person) was the week before my actual birthday. But it was a pamper party, which meant I was basically helping my friends to get ready for my party proper, the following week. We were in Aer (Old Brompton Road) for hair, nails and champagne on the Saturday afternoon. Which is a really winning way to spend that time of day, I think.
None of us had been to Aer before, which was exciting, and they looked after us marvellously. If you’ve not been either, the easiest way to describe it is as a sort of salon slash cafe. Because whilst the converted townhouse has all the hallmarks of a ‘regular’ salon (backwash, large mirrors, styling chairs), there is also a central area with groups of seats around round tables. Which means you can have your hair done whilst continuing a conversation with you friends. Which we did. There’s even a clever movable, double-sided mirror that you can swing out between you if you get bored of the whole eye contact thang.
Aer is all about convenience – their tag line is opening ‘before your morning meeting and staying open for your dinner date’. Plus the salon is pleasingly insta-friendly. By which I mean there’s tones of natural light from the front, white-wash exposed brick walls at the back, and cool additions like neon lights and spider plants. Oh, and the pace where your coats get stashed looks like something out of Beauty and the Beast.
So that was Part I. Part II had considerably more eating and drinking, although the levels of total spoiling were around the same. The Thursday before the Big Day, I gathered a bunch of girlfriends (plus David. Honorary) and headed to 8 Over 8 on the King’s Road. We had the long sharing table in the window, which was almost immediately filled with  a sh*t load of wine and dishes like pad thai (gluten free, for me), vegetable curry, and tempura-just-about-everything. Naturally, there were loads of dishes of edamame beans, too (8 Over 8 is xx Japanese cuisine). Most of which I managed to fling onto the floor or my lovely guests. Naturally.
Then we trotted off up the KR towards Raffles. I’ve been a member at Raffles for a while but I have to admit that this was the first time I’d ever been in before circa 4am. The club seemed way bigger without the endless entourages of beautifuls (they got there soon after, don’t panic), and we had a beaut table near the bar. Not that we needed to go to the bar, since bottle service at Raffles is super mega awesome-ly efficient. We drank vodka, danced badly and generally fan-girled Richy Ahmed. Thanks, Raffles!
Olivia x

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